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So just what is a new customer?

So just what is a new customer?

In my recent work, and in the industry that I’m involved in, the words new, existing, customer, and unique get thrown around rather frequently. And frequently, their usage is incorrect. Marketers, advertisers and publishers know […]

Nov, 26 · in Interweb

Understanding Sanshō/Szechuan Pepper

So this is maybe a little bit of a different sort of subject to what I usually go for, but it’s something that’s interested me, and I always felt that it’s totally un/under-appreciated in British […]

Sep, 05 · in Food

120 Love

Well it seems to me that I’ve not really written anything particularly in-depth about photography in a while, and this needed to change. I guess I had been ranting at people (in-person) about various little […]

Aug, 26

And summer ends once again…

And so this time rolls around again where I forget all those things that I’m supposed to be doing and end up just enjoying the moment. Summer. But even that had to end. And maybe […]

Aug, 25

A Neat Mobile Gaming Infographic

For all those interested in gaming and cool infographics, here is an great one about the Rise of Mobile Gaming., a mobile casino, reports that gaming and mobile gaming in general has seen a […]

Jul, 07

(A Strategy For) Making Better LinkedIn Connections

So LinkedIn is all about establishing great and useful professional connections with people. You joined LinkedIn so you could forge some great business contacts and find some interesting and influential leaders in your field. Yet […]

Jun, 02

A New Project for May

I’ve been projectless for a while. I want some new project that I can devote some somewhat serious and vaguely focussed time into over the next month or two. Maybe involving photography, but I’d like […]

Apr, 24



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