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Summer Plans!

As my current work placement (for my gap year) is drawing to a close – as it will on June 27th, I have to plan and sort out a fair few things for the fairly near future. Over the past few months Iíve been debating to and fro about whether to do something different and crazy over the Summer and not just work around here and do the usual not particularly much. In the past week Iíve come to the conclusion that I really should do something Ďdifferent and crazyí and have thus booked flights to Canada. Iíll be spending a good 70 days in Alberta throughout July, August and September before I get back at the end of September and go to Cambridge! I havenít got a huge amount planned as to what Iím going to get up to, but Iíve got a few ideas and Iíll see what I can make of them before I go away on the 9th of July!

Need to sort a few things out first however! Iíll literally have like 10 days maximum at home before I go off to Cambridge, so Iíll really need to think about getting EVERYTHING ready for University before I go – which means a hella lot of student bank accounts, loans and other such things which I havenít thought of yet, but Iíll know Iíll have to do! Pretty crazy stuff!

Probably mentioned it before, but Iíll need to get a laptop for University. I have this huge suspicion thereís gonna be a nice new Macbook on June 9th. SO deff going to wait till then – and even then I think that Iíll be waiting until I get back till I get one. In a way I see a point in getting one before I go, but I somehow canít see me affording it! In anycase, I have debated between getting a MacBook Pro or not, but the huge difference in price kinda does put me off, and the size I think might be an issue too! However I do plan on getting the almost highest spec MacBook and then pimping out the RAM (with that amazingly cheap Crucial RAM) and HD (Samsung have a gloriusly cool 9.5mm high 2.5? SATA 500Gb coming out this Summer) myself for added coolness at a reasonable price!

Iíd also like to get another camera that I can actually carry around easily and take decent pictures with. As Iíve said before, I do have a EOS 350d which is excellent, but too large for social use, so I want to get the smallest and cheapest Ixus available to carry around and use whenever I want! I still do have a working Kodak DX6340, but itís not that great, and is rather too bulky – so not really worth a shout! Originally thinking that I was going to get the Ixus 70 which looks superb, small and thankfully the cheapest Ixus model, I have now realised/seen that a Ixus 75 exists! Oh, on a sidenote, Iím not really going to bother myself with getting anything other than a Canon. It might a bad thing not to look at any other manufacturers, but Canon totally rule and you canít beat the prices in their outlet store – so Iíll just stay with them thankyou very very much! Anyway, I did happen to try out an Ixus 75, which I think is considerably better than the 70. Then only real differences are that the 75 has a larger 3? screen and no viewfinder and the 70 has a 2.5? screen and a viewfinder, and also, the 75 is very slightly bigger and heavier (like 10g max!) but not enough to let me choose otherwise! I would normally have chosen the one with the viewfinder, but honestly, I donít think I could be assed using such a small inaccurate viewfinder such as the ones found on cameras that size. The batteries these days have also got a fair bit better than 5 years ago and using a viewfinder wonít kill the battery in c. 5 mins. A small other thing I noticed about the 75 as opposed to the 70 is that due to there being less space on the back of the camera – as a result of the larger screen, they have had to get rid of the stupid (in my opinion) slider that toggles between play, record and movie modes and have now added a button to review images instead! This is much much better and allows you to just half press down the shutter button after reviewing the images to go back to record mode instead of fiddling with the stupid slider and then having to press the shutter button to take a photo. Iím happy! The price difference is theoretically only £10 or so on eBay, I just have to wait for the prices to drop a wee bit so theyíre down at the £80ish mark again insteadof the horrific £103 or so that one went for on the weekend! Canít believe that an idiot actually bid that amount considering the same eBay store is offering the very same camera on buy it now for £89! Fool!

Anyway, enough of my fashionably random rant for nowÖ!

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